In Response to the Historical Vote & Passage of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


Global Justice for All...



Peace, Love, Global Harmony, and Have a Blessed & Happy Holiday Season to All…

***Please note this isn’t a commentation on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” because no one, no group should ever be discriminated against…  This directed at the lack of legislative action to assist over 5 million+ unemployed Americans…***

An historical vote would be to pass these 2 stand alone bills during the lame duck session S.3706 “Americans Want to Work Act” & S.3816 “Creating Jobs and Stop Outsourcing Act”.  Over 5 million hard-working taxpaying Americans have been left out of any assistance for over 8 months now… The 99ers long-term unemployed haven’t been counted, they are now left out in the cold, many are homeless, others are about to be homeless, some since they can’t take care of the children are giving them to family members or worst social services, they can’t put food on the table, some have committed suicide, and they are more than skilled & educated and no one cares…

They’ve fought hard all year to stand & assist eligible unemployed who have been assisted 2x this year via HR4213 & now the passing & signed bill S.4853.  Who is standing and speaking out for them within this legislative body, and not just speaking out ensuring that these bills get passed?   Let’s not leave out that many have dealt with age & employer discrimination based on the fact that they are unemployed.  So, if one what’s to speak of historical legislative action ensure the passage & signing of both of these bills, which failed passage prior to the midterm elections and have been returned to the “Committee on Finance”.

How can the legislative body pass a $858+ billion dollar bill with earmarks, of which one earmark alone could have assisted the 5+ million 99ers… There’s absolutely no excuse for this in humane, heartless action… Many 99ers feel they have nothing & no where to celebrate this holiday season…



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