Bill Status for the 99ers “American Want to Work Act – S.3706” and Age Discrimination

Peace, Blessings, & Love to All…

For those who have been told and/or suspect they’ve experienced “Age Discrimination” the following information from the  a.k.a. “EEOC”: may assist you in following up with this disgrace.  The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967: and “New Forms of Age Discrimination” article and additional information

Bill Status for the 99ers “American Want to Work Act – S.3706” I spoke to Nancy Pelosi’s & Harry Reid’s offices as many of you are aware the bill was introduced last week by Senate Stabenow and supporters of the bill last week.  At this point it’s tracked to go through some of the regular bill processes as in routing to the Congressional Budget Officer a.k.a. CBO  & the Taxation Committee simultaneously and then continue through the legislative process debate, vote, pass, and sign.  At this point no one is anticipating this occurring during the recess, but continue the calls.

The House was requested to return this week to vote on the  $26 billion dollar “State Aid” jobs bill for States to be able to continue funding for services such as teachers, police officers, and fireman.  The Senate voted & passed the bill last week, therefore they’re not present this week they are on recess.

Despite that our call-in, email, and fax campaign to legislative representatives still needs to continue…  I strongly noted the conditions such as potential age discrimination practices when applying for jobs and receiving response as to why that potential candidate didn’t receive the job & suicides are rising.  In addition if they aren’t aware of this there are several media outlets that are and have been reflecting a lot of support by reporting on their concerns.  Additionally, there is no price to life…

For those whose faith and hope is running a little low please hang in there, a light does come at the end of the tunnel no matter how the storm, trials & tribulation appear.  If you need moments of inspiration I pray that the series of radio shows from “Nesheba of ESpiritE-Radio7” can hopefully give you a glimpse, a ray of hope & faith again.

Here’s a link from Nesheba’s show yesterday and feel free to listen in on the others.   In addition the next show on this topic is this Thursday, 8/12/2010 to air live from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Central Time, USA.  If you have been impacted and/or know of someone who has please share and call-in to share your story…

Sunday 8/8/2010 show link on this topic “The Conversation Continues on Unemployment and More…”

Rochester Unemployment Examiner “Michael Thornton” outstanding champion for this cause…:

Unemployed Workers Action Group:

Thank you, and Have a Blessed & Peaceful Day…

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